2018 School Improvement

Strategic Planning:

St Thomas’ Strategic Plan (2018 – 2020). The document outlines our priorities for the next three years. 


  • To ensure all staff demonstrate best practice in teaching and learning, whilst remaining cognisant of evolving educational practices and trends.
  • Support students on their journey to develop independent and lifelong learning skills.
  • Promote, foster and embed a STEM approach to learning.
  • Communication to be a strength of our school.
  • Provide opportunities for our students to be engaged in contemporary issues to enhance their world view.
  • Enhance Early Childhood Education to ensure National Quality Standards and the Quality Improvement Plan are attained.
  • Maintain a physical environment that is inviting and conducive to effective learning.
  • Ensure the ongoing financial administration of the school continues to be conducted in a prudent and responsible manner.
  • To ensure that we demonstrate a consistent level of Christian Service by supporting the marginalised, both vulnerable and poor, within and beyond our community. 
  • Engage students, staff and parents in their own learning and faith formation.

Annual Improvement Plan 2018

The staff have been involved completely in the decision making and outcomes of the 2018 Plan under the LEAD acronym.

All staff are to be thanked for their role in the school improvement process and their ongoing commitment to the Annual Improvement Plan.

  • L- Learning
    • Brightpath Writing Program
  • E – Engagement
    • Develop an Aboriginal Education Policy and Reconciliation Plan
  • A – Accountability
    • Sustainability and Environmental focus based on 2017 Energy Audit
  • D – Discipleship
    • Improved results in Bishop’s Religious Education Literacy Assessment
    • Implementation of new Religious Units of Work aligned with the Judging Standards.

Curriculum Plan

All Catholic schools are required to have a Curriculum Plan in place. Using our data collected from across the school to drive our planning the major curriculum priorities for 2018 will continue to be:

  • Writing in Years 3 – 6 (Brightpath)
  • Numeracy in Kindy – Year 2
  • Spelling will continue to be an ongoing focus.
  • NQS instructed by the schools QIP will also be an ongoing focus.