On Monday 25th May the Year 4’s went on an Excursion to the Duyfken,  Cicerellos and the Maritime Museum.

We were lucky to have lots of Parent Helpers – Mrs MacQuillan, Mrs Billingham, Mrs Klug and Mr Holland and thank them for attending.

We have been learning about the First Fleet in History and that the Duyfken was the first European ship to reach Australia. We learnt about the conditions on the ship, which were very hard (we are very pleased we don’t have to go to the toilet like they did!). The word ‘Duyfken “ means Little Dove.


We went on a beachcombing tour where we collected items we found on the beach. We found some natural materials such as seaweed and shells but also found some rubbish that can be very dangerous to the wildlife. We then had a sandcastle building competition. The group that won was Eliza, Matilda, Betty, Amy and Kate F. After that we had yummy lunch of Fish and Chips on the Miss Cicerellos boat. We had to watch out for the seagulls, which were trying to eat our food.


We walked through the Whalers Tunnel under the Roundhouse to get to the Maritime Museum. We saw lots of interesting things at the Museum and had 10 things to find in a game of Spotto. We then walked back to the train station and got back to school just before hometime. We had tired legs from all the walking we had done over the day.


It was an exciting day of learning and we look forward to completing our school assignment on our excursion.


Mrs Sullivan