St Thomas' students have recently participated in two cycle safety events in order to help us become safer bike riders!


Cycle Safety Incursion

On Friday 17th October, the Pre Primary – Year 4 classes participated in a Cycle Safety incursion in the library. Trevor taught us how to be safe when riding on our bike.  Some of the things we learnt were to put on our helmet properly, check all of our cycling equipment before we start riding and always look both ways when crossing the road. Trevor also read us a book about cycle safety and then we played a game. We all enjoyed the incursion about riding our bikes safely.




Bike Course

On Sunday 19th October, 30 students from Years 3-6 took part in a bike course. We brought along our bikes to school and learnt how to do emergency stops, signals, moving from single file to double file and how to do hook turns. We went for a ride in the street and all remembered to always stay left when riding! It was really fun to be able to ride our bikes and learn lots about how to be safe!