religion  life 1“The Church evangelises by: … bringing the Good News into all the strata of human society, and through its influence, transforming humanity from within and making it new.”  (Mandate 2009-201: 17) “Church communities evangelise in different ways.  Catholic schools do so by: striving continually to be good schools; teaching students to integrate faith, culture and life.” (Mandate 2009-2015:18).


At St Thomas’ Primary School EVANGELISATION is primarily expressed through our presence as part of a faith community centred on the life of Jesus, and expressed in our motto “TOGETHER IN CHRIST”. We demonstrate and give witness through the integration of faith and life in a faith-centred, family-oriented learning environment where students, their families and staff have the opportunity to express their Catholic faith commitment through their relationships with each other and the Church.




Religious Education at St Thomas' School comprises two distinct but complementary dimensions – teaching religion as a curriculum area and developing the religious dimension of the school by nurturing the religious, spiritual and faith of our students and staff.


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Religious Education is central to the curriculum and life of the school. It is taught in a context with the same systematic demands and rigour as all other learning areas and is sequenced to help children relate to the Catholic faith within their daily lives. The units of work fare set by the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia and mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia.


Students in Years 3 and 5 annually participate in 'The Bishop's Religious Literacy Assessment'.


At St Thomas' there is an emphasis on prayer within the classroom and wider school community and students regularly participate in whole school and class liturgical celebrations.


Sacramental Programme


Children participate in Sacramental programs in Year Three (Penance), Year Four (Eucharist) and Year Six (Confirmation). As the first faith educators of their children, our parents are an integral part of this preparation and are encouraged to support the class teacher in any way they can. Parent information sessions and parent/child workshops are held as part of the preparation for each sacrament.


St Thomas' Prayer Book 

The St Thomas' Prayer Book has been compiled to assist parents, teachers and children learn the prayers that are expected to be known in each year level. The Children are taught the prayers as part of the Religious Education units of work and assessed on them in Term Four as part of the school Improvement Plan. We hope you enjoy sharing the prayers together in your family.


 St Thomas' Prayer Book